About BlüeBox

BlüeBox was designed to make creating websites intuitive and hassle free. It was designed so that non-technical users can create blogs and other small websites (like this one) without needing to know anything more than basic HTML formating techniques. Programmers and website developers may find many of the more advanced features useful as well, such as both database and HTML support for ease of testing; plugins for building headers and footers and including well-behaved scripts; placeholders for creating reusable content; page templates for formatting pages; shortcuts for creating internal references to pages, images, page and user-defined data; and the ability to embed JavaScript and PHP code into any webpage. BlüeBox also gives you full control over every aspect of the design, format and layout of your website — but only if you want it. BlüeBox can create stunning, mobile friendly websites right out-of-the-box, with minimal setup. The Quick Start Guide will show you how.

Unlike most cloud-based website creation utilities, BlüeBox is a Microsoft Windows x64 application that runs on your laptop — there is no web-based interface or online database to manage. Instead, BlüeBox uses XML files to setup and manage your website and page content. This makes backing up your website (or using source control management systems) a breeze. BlüeBox can create your website as either separate HTML pages, or as a database (SQLite3) with all the necessary support files needed to use it. You can even build your website in HTML first, so that it can be easily tested on your laptop, before building a database version for deployment. You do not need to be familiar with programming or server databases to use BlüeBox. Building multiple websites is as easy as building a single website; plugins can even be shared between websites. There are almost no limits to how small or large, simple or complex, your website can be. Regardless of size or complexity, your website's total footprint is only about a dozen files including your datatbase, support files, icons, stylesheets and scripts. If you are generating your website in HTML, you will of course need an additional file per page. Once your website has been built, you'll simply upload it to your hosting service to deploy it online. To update your website, edit or add a new page, rerun the program and reupload.

BlüeBox comes preconfigured to build a sample website and blog in a single double-click. Checkout the Quick Start Guide to get started.