Configuring BlüeBox

BlüeBox supports the above listed configuration options. The configuration pages indicate default values, when they apply, in the 2nd column. Generally, it is not important which order options are specified in a file, nor is it important in what order the properties are specified within an option (unless otherwise specified). That being said, each property is processed in the order it is loaded, so if you redefine a property, it will be overwritten (unless otherwise ... well you know). In some cases, such as redefning pages and images, you'll be notified during the build process.

All configuration files use XML tags to define data. XML file are in plain-text, so you can edit them with any text editor. All configuration files must begin and end with the <BlueBox> tag.

  <!-- all configuration items go here -->

XML tags are composed of opening and closing elements. Text falling between the opening and closing tags may include plain text, HTML, JavaScript, PHP code or additional XML tags. Since XML uses the left bracket ( < ) to deliniate the start of a tag, a special opening tag delimiter ( <![CDATA[ ) and closing tag delimiter ( ]]> ) must be used to embed HTML, JavaScript or PHP code within an XML tag. Unrelated left brackets, when used in your pages, can cause problems. Browsers will attempt to interpret these as HTML tags and the results may not be defined (nor pretty). To get around this, you should use other types of brackets, braces or parentheses instead, or replace them with their HTML equivalent ( &lt; ) or the BlüeBox HTML extension ( <lt> ). Comments can also be embedded in both XML and HTML using a special tag structure ( <!-- and --> ). When inserting plain-text blocks onto a page, additional special opening and closing delimiters ( [Text] and [/Text] ) may be needed to force converting end-of-line characters to HTML breaks. A generic XML formatting example might look like this:



     <!-- code block --> 
       <p>Hello World</p>                                  <!-- HTML formatting -->

       <script> document.write("Hello World"); </script>   <!-- JavaScript code --> 
       <?php echo("Hello World"); ?>                       <!-- PHP code --> 
     <!-- plain text block --> 
         Hello World,
         How are you?  Lovely then.
         Your friend,  
         Bob Bobson