This option is used to add any number of images to your media gallery. Any image added to your gallery can be internally linked by its image id using URL References and its data can be accessed using Data References. The image id can also be used as a page's <MediaId> or added to the <FeaturedImages>. Most fields are optional, only the image id and one of the URLs must be defined. Any missing image formats, when referenced, will be automatically replaced with the next largest size, or smaller if a larger size does not exist.

    <Id>       M1                       </Id>
    <Title>    Typewriter               </Title>
    <Large>    https://.../image_l.jpg  </Large>
    <Medium>   https://.../image_m.jpg  </Medium>  
    <Small>    https://.../image_s.jpg  </Small>
    <Thumb>    https://.../image_t.jpg  </Thumb>  
    <Credit>   Copyright Bob Bobson     </Credit>
    <Caption>  An old typewriter        </Caption>
    <Place>    London                   </Place>
    <Date>     January 5, 1942          </Date>
    <Note>     Dad's                    </Note>
      <Name>   Camera Type              </Name>                 
      <Value>  Canon EOS Rebel          </Value>                 
      <Name>   Lens                     </Name>                 
      <Value>  50mm f/1.4               </Value>                 
This tag indicates the start of a new image.
The image id must be unique among all other images, pages and user data ids and must be the first property defined. You can change your image id at any time without affecting operation. You will be alerted during the build process if the old image id is still being referenced by any existing URL References or Data References.
An image title
The URL of a high resolution image.
The URL of medium format image.
The URL of a low resolution image.
The URL to a square thumbnail.
Credit, copyright or submission information.
An image caption
An image location
An image date, generally the date taken. BlüeBox recognizes most unambiguous date formats, and will convert them to a standard format when displaying.
An image note
Additional Properties:

BlüeBox allows you to define any number of additional properties for images. These properties can be accessed from pages and in page templates using Data References.

This tag indicates the start of a new user-defined property
The user-defined property name
The user-defined property value
Technical Details

BlüeBox defines an internal image placeholder to access the <Id> of the 'current' image, where 'current' means the image being displayed. Since pages cannot define a 'current' image, this placeholder can only be used by page templates to display images.

The 'current' image's id.

Properties of the 'current' image can also be accessed by page templates by using Data References (data references are always bound at build time) All of the above listed properties can be accessed directly using the current image placeholder and the property name. BlüeBox defines a shortcut to make this easier, i.e. <image.property>Title</image.property>. User-defined properties can also be accessed by using the value of the <Name> property. In addition, several read-only properties are also available. The following is a complete list of accessible properties.

The image id
The largest format image link defined.
The medium image link, but if not defined, the largest format link defined.
The small image link, but if not defined, the largest format link defined.
The thumbnail image link, but if not defined, the largest format link defined.
Medium, or small or large or thumb. For use when large and thumbnail formats are discouraged, such as in a feed.
Formatted as described in <PageSetup>
The image date (unformatted)
The image title.
The image caption.
The image credit.
The image location.
The image note.
The sanitized image title. For use in an HTML anchor's title and alternate text fields. Sanitization replaces double-quotes with an equivalent HTML entity so that the property can be embedded within quoted strings.
The sanitized image caption.
The sanitized image credit
The sanitized image location.
The sanitized image note.
The sanitized image description which includes the title, caption, credit, location, and note.