This is the main option used to setup your website. You will need to initialize the <OutputPath>, <WebsiteURL>, <HomePage>, <Favicon> and <SiteTitle>. All URLs can be entered as absolute (i.e. http://domain.com/folder) or relative (i.e. /folder) paths.

  <OutputPath>       html                                  </OutputPath>
  <WebsiteURL>       http://domain.com/folder              </WebsiteURL>      
  <HomePage>         index.html                            </HomePage>      
  <Favicon>          http://domain.com/favicon.png         </Favicon>      
  <SiteTitle>        Bob Bobson's Battle Bots              </SiteTitle>       

  <SiteDescription>  A look at life on the skids           </SiteDescription> 
  <SiteLogo>         http://domain.com/media/logo.png      </SiteLogo>        
  <SiteBanner>       http://domain.com/media/banner.png    </SiteBanner>      
  <SiteAvatar>       http://domain.com/media/avatar.png    </SiteAvatar>      

  <LangCode>         en                                    </LangCode>
  <PluginsURL>       http://domain.com/folder/plugins      </PluginsURL>
The output path may be entered as an absolute path (i.e. c:\folder), or as a relative path (i.e folder and ..\folder). If the folder does not exist, BlüeBox will ask you for permission to create it.
Set the URL of the root folder of your website. When viewing on your laptop, it should be left blank.
Set the URL to your website's landing page ( index, index.html ). By default, an internal placeholder is used to map the home page to the website's URL. This will need to be set expressly for HTML builds.
Set the URL to your favicon image ( favicon.ico, favicon.png ) .
Your website's title.
Website descriptions may or may not be useful to search engines. It is not required.
Optionally set a URL for your website's logo to be shown at the top of your page instead of your website's title.
Optionally set a URL for a background image to be shown in your website's header.
Optionally set a URL for an avatar, to be shown right-justified in your website's header.
Set your language code for browser support. If you are translating your web pages into a language other than English, you will need to set the appropriate language code here.
If you are hosting multiple websites, you may wish to override the default location of the plugins folder so that a single folder can be shared by all sites.