Translation References

BlüeBox supports international users by providing a method to easily load translated text using the <Translations> option. Generally only application generated text is translatable, however, translation references allow other text to be translated as well. This is useful for plugin and page template developers who many include text in their native langauge. When BlüeBox finds translation references, it searches the translation table (declared using the <Translations> option) for translated text. If none is found, the user is alerted during the build process so that they can add them to the table manually. I do not recommend that developers include translation tables directly to their products, as this would make it difficult for users to locate and modify.


The following translations are defined by BlüeBox to support blogging. They have also already been added to the translation table in /translations/en-US. The plugin creates translation references using placeholders so that all text can be located at the top of the plugin file making them easy to locate. This is not a requirement, and could have just as easily embedded the references directly into the page templates as well.

  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_1$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Built by}         </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_2$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Continue Reading} </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_3$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Category}         </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_4$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Title}            </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_5$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Published}        </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_6$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Modified}         </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_7$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Author}           </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_8$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Tag}              </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name>  $TEMPLATE_TEXT_9$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Footnotes}        </Content> </Placeholder>
  <Placeholder> <Name> $TEMPLATE_TEXT_10$ </Name> <Content> {xl8:Related Pages}    </Content> </Placeholder>